We are certified


Quality is essential. That goes for us, but even more so for the customers that buy plastic products from us.


Thanks to our ISO certification, we contribute to guaranteeing the highest quality. 

•    Increased awareness of quality and reliability as an organisation
•    Continuous improvement of processes through internal audits
•    Obtained international standard for quality management systems

All Cipax companies are ISO certified and as a proof of our competence for deliveries within automotive we are also certified according to IATF 16949 in Sweden/Estonia.

On top of this we have several more specific certifications.

Code of conduct for suppliers

The XANO Group is made up of niche technology companies that offer manufacturing and development services for industrial products and automation equipment.
To XANO, sustainability means taking responsibility for how the group's operations affect society from an environmental, social and economic perspective. As part of XANO's active work in selecting business partners (hereinafter "suppliers") with the same sense of responsibility, the following code of conduct has been developed.

The goal is to promote common values and priorities throughout the supply chain.
This code of conduct applies to the companies and organisations that carry out assignments on behalf of the XANO Group and specifies the minimum requirements set by XANO Industri AB.

The code of conduct is based on the UN's Global Compact, which in turn is based on the UN's Declaration on Human Rights, the ILO's Conventions on fundamental rights in working life, the Rio Declaration and the UN's Convention against corruption. All suppliers are expected to have a good knowledge of the UN's Global Compact and adhere to its principles.

The code of conduct has been drawn up in Swedish and English, and is applicable in these languages.

Code of conduct for suppliers