Septic tanks

The CPX Septic tanks provide an exra-long sedimentation distance which gives a very high sludge separation capacity. CPX Septic Tanks are available in three different sizes 1200 for BDT, 2200 and 4700 liters for BDT / WC where the three models are adapted to suit one or more households.CPX Septic Tank's low, stable design makes the tank suitable for most environments. The installation depth differs somewhat depending on the vessel, from 1 m down to 2 m deep.

Inlets and outlets to the tank can be adapted to the requirements depending on the soil conditions and other systems. CPX Septic Tank can also be used above ground. All tanks can be equipped with connections, level alarms, venting and filters according to your wishes. For best results, there are several enhancement necks to choose from. For the CPX Septic Tanks 2200 and 4700 liters, Tegra Corrugated riser pipe can be used.

All products are made from 100% recyclable polyethylene and molded in one piece.


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