Containers and Tanks

CPX containers and tanks from 14 to 15,000 litres meet all your needs for storage, mixing and dosing. 

We have a wide range of tanks and containers to serve various purposes. They may be open, closed, cylindrical, rectangular and with flat or conical bottoms. Our containers are manufactured from unpigmented polyethylene as standard, which means you can see the level of content through the material from the outside. 

CPX containers and tanks are mainly manufactured from recyclable polyethylene. Uses include storage, mixing and dosage, and they have a high tolerance of chemicals. View the durability list for further information. We supply water, ventilation and drainage companies as well as the processing, pharma, food and chemical industries.

We assemble connections and accessories completely according to your specific wishes. Most of our containers feature a load-bearing top for possible mounting of pumps or agitators. All containers are delivered with a separate lid and some are also equipped with handles as standard.

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Containers and tanks in a single piece

We manufacture our containers and tanks in a single piece, completely without joins or tension. For you as a customer, this means the number of weak points is minimised. And since there are no joins, they are easy to clean. 

Long service life and 100% recyclable

The combination of good chemical and corrosion resistance and the product's durability gives a long service life. All containers and tanks are manufactured in polyethylene, which is 100% recyclable. 

Containers and tanks for tough requirements

Our containers and tanks are used in the processing, pharmaceuticals, food and chemicals industries as well as in the water, sewage and plumbing fields.
All CPX containers and tanks are manufactured in polyethylene, which is 100% recyclable. The material is also food-contact approved in accordance with Normpack. (Read more at NORMPACK – for safer materials in contact with food | RISE)
The products tolerate temperatures from -30°C to +50°C.

Safety casing

In order to increase the level of safety and meet more stringent requirements from the authorities, we offer safety casing for all our cylindrical closed containers and tanks. Safety casing protects not only against external impact but also against possible leaks where external equipment is connected. When safety casing is used, we recommend that all connections are made at the top of the container or tank. 

Adapt your tank using our online tool

Our configuration tool is there for you to explore the various options suitable for your tank at your leisure. Having an account with us means you can:
•    Easily adapt your tank with suitable connections and other accessories
•    View your tank in 3D so you can see exactly what it will look like
•    Save your configured products and continue later
•    Download drawings
•    View list prices for the customised tank and send a quote request

CPX Silos and tanks 200 – 10000 litres, with conical bottoms

CPX Silos are generally intended for dry products and CPX Storage tanks with conical bottoms for fluids. CPX rectangular containers with conical bottoms feature an optimised outlet to enable complete emptying of slow-flowing products such as mayonnaise, mustard, etc. 

CPX Silos have a patented design that enables mass flow, facilitating emptying of the container. Maintaining an even mixture of different substances in a product where all particles have special properties is a must for many companies. Examples of this include ingredients in muesli, spice mixes, coffee and distribution of the raw materials in other products. The unique design of CPX silos ensures you maintain the "first-in-first-out" effect while simultaneously limiting the risk of common problems with separation. 

We install connections, piping and other special adaptations on all these products. The finished tank is then ready for installation immediately after transportation.
CPX silos and tanks with conical bottoms are made of the same recyclable materials as our other containers and tanks, have no joins and are thus easy to clean.

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