Mooring buoys

CPX mooring buoys 35-6400 L manufactured in polyethylene and is used for example for the mooring of boats in marinas or equipment used for fish farming. We supply CPX mooring buoys to both brewing equipment manufacturer as suppliers in the mooring. All buoys are filled with polystyrene foam which is CFC-free, recyclable foam quality with very good flow properties. In a collision or other impact retains the full buoyancy even if the outer casing is damaged.

All CPX mooring buoys, water tanks and septic tanks are manufactured from polyethylene which is an environmentally friendly, recyclable and corrosion-free plastic that has long been used in the marine environment. Because the products are rotational molded CPX products are no joints, which gives a product without any weak points. This, together with the large radius facilitates emptying and cleaning. At the end of the product life cycle are recyclable.

Carolina Brand
Sales CPX products
Royne Gustafsson
Sales Manager CPX products
Mooring buoys