Over the past thirty years, Cipax has produced thousands of products with a wide range of shapes, colours and dimensions. We operate in a number of sectors, including the agricultural sector.

  • Extensive design possibilities
  • Interesting solution in terms of costs
  • Small production runs from fifty pieces also possible



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Agricultural industry


Plastic components for the agricultural sector

A product is only as good as the components it consists of. If you are looking for the highest possible quality, Cipax is the place to be. We are the #1 supplier of top-grade plastic components for the agricultural sector. We have been active in your field for many years and most of our clients operate in the sector as well. We specialise in the production of plastic components for products that are commonly used in the agricultural sector.

Plastic liquid-storage tanks and many other possibilities

Allow us to give you some examples. We can manufacture plastic liquid-storage tanks with capacities up to 9,000 litres for the quick and efficient spraying of your crops. Of course, we can also produce smaller tanks for a number of other applications. We can manufacture your plastic tank to your exact specifications, as well as e.g. bumpers or protective hoods for tractors. No matter what product you need, our engineers are at your service to create a custom design. What makes Cipax unique are our flexibility, speed and control over the entire process from engineering to production.

From the initial idea up to the realisation of your plastic products: we are your partner throughout the entire process.

At Cipax, we can manufacture plastic products for a wide variety of applications via rotomoulding. We invite you to challenge us with your request.


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The many benefits of plastic rotational moulding


The shape of your plastic product – e.g. a water- or liquid-storage tank, a protective hood for your tractor or a hollow bumper – is determined by the mould we use in the rotational moulding process. Our expert engineers create a custom design for your mould. Virtually all shapes and sizes (up to 6.5 metres!) are possible. Once the design is finished and your mould has been manufactured, you can reuse it again and again. In other words, the mould is a one-time investment, which makes rotational moulding an interesting production technique from a financial perspective. An added benefit is that even small production runs (from fifty pieces) are possible. Plastic offers another major advantage. In order to create your product, we fill your custom mould with a plastic powder that is heated up and then cooled down. This plastic powder is available in all RAL colours, which means your plastic components can have any colour you wish. Lastly, rotational moulding produces hollow plastic products. This means that your plastic product has multiple uses. A bumper for your tractor can also be used to store liquids, for example.

John Deere


One of our customers in the agricultural sector is John Deere. 

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