Over the past decades, Cipax has produced thousands of products with a wide range of shapes, colours and dimensions. Of course, we are also active in the industrial sector, for which we produce e.g. plastic storage tanks.

  • Extensive design possibilities
  • Interesting solution in terms of costs
  • Small production runs from fifty pieces also possible
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Industrial sector

Plastic products for the industrial sector

Cipax has decades of experience with the production of custom-made plastic products for a number of sectors. We understand that each sector and client has its own specific wishes and requirements. The industrial sector is no exception. Our team and our production site in Rijssen are tailored to the manufacture of custom-made solutions for businesses in this sector. We always have the right solution for you, from the initial design of your plastic product to its production via rotational moulding and from putting on the finishing touches to transportation.

Plastic storage tanks

In the industrial sector, we excel at the production of plastic single- or double-walled storage tanks. These are used for a number of applications, such as storing liquids (e.g. water, paint and oil) or chemicals. We can also produce plastic diesel tanks (fuel tanks). In other words, our plastic storage tanks are quite versatile and have multiple uses. Furthermore, Cipax offers extensive flexibility when it comes to the design of the product. We can produce virtually any shape or size, from the very small to the very large. With the largest rotational moulding machine in all of Europe, we can create products with dimensions up to 6.5 metres. No matter what shape or size you need, our engineers are happy to think along with you about the perfect storage tank.

From the initial idea up to the realisation of your plastic products: we are your partner throughout the entire process.


At Cipax, we can manufacture plastic products for a wide variety of applications via rotomoulding. We invite you to challenge us with your request.

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The many benefits of plastic rotational moulding

The shape of your plastic storage tank is determined by the mould we use. During the rotational moulding process, this mould is biaxially rotated in order to shape your product. Every mould we use is custom made. Our expert engineers create a design that meets your every wish and requirement in terms of shape and size. The major advantage of using a mould is that it is reusable. It therefore requires only a one-time investment. After its initial use, we store the mould in our warehouse until it is needed again. This production technique is made even more appealing because it allows for small production runs (from fifty pieces) as well. Manufacturing plastic products with rotational moulding is therefore a (financially) interesting solution for a number of reasons.



One of our customers in the industrial sector is Denios. 

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